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Most people don't know exactly what an SR22 is until they need one. An SR-22 is a vehicle liability insurance document required by most Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices for "high-risk drivers . SR-22 insurance provides coverage if you've committed a motor vehicle violation and need to demonstrate financial responsibility to the Illinois DMV. You are expected to pay for SR22 certificate on top of the cost of your insurance coverage.

Car drivers who have been convicted of a DUI, driving on a suspended or revoked license, or driving without insurance must obtain a SR-22 Insurance . To remove this suspension placed by the DMV on your Drivers License, an SR22 Filing is required. We can help you Save Big on SR-22 Insurance ! Call now @ (857) 216 7235 and get Instant SR-22 Insurance Quotes in Just 3 Minutes.

If your driving privilege has been suspended due to a car crash, you have received a second or subsequent conviction for No Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance* or a civil judgment has been filed against you, you are required to file a SR-22 with the Department. You are required to maintain coverage for two years beginning from the date of the conviction that requires a SR-22, or in the case of a judgment against you due to a crash, two years from the date the judgment was rendered.



(DMW) required those convicted of a DUI to obtain an SR-22 certificate from their insurers, which proves to the department of motor vehicles (DMV) that you indeed carry liability insurance. This is required in order for the DMV to lift your license suspension.


Reckless Driving

requires reckless drivers to get a SR-22 certificate. Reckless driving demonstrates risk to the authorities and insurance companies. Reckless driving may harm drivers, their vehicles, personal property and others on the road.



If you earn too many driver's license points for moving violations or you're convicted of a major driving infraction. You need Sr22 Insurance certificate .


Driving Without Licence

an SR-22 is required for three years for conviction of driving without insurance

How much is SR22 insurance

An SR-22 insurance policy will cost more than your previous coverage, primarily due to whatever violations caused you to need an SR-22 filing. Each insurer determines SR-22 rates using different methods. From our list of providers, USAA offers the lowest average rate of $641 per year, while Allstate charges on average $3,053 per year.

The table below compares auto insurance quotes for a 33-year-old man without SR-22 coverage against a 33-year-old man with SR-22 coverage and a DUI (driving under the influence) charge, along with the premium increase in rates for each insurer.

Our analysis of four Sr22 Insurance providers found that the average cost of auto insurance is $982 per year and that rates in the state typically increase by 73% after a DUI. So, for this example driver, their rates would increase to $1,718 per year after a DUI that required them to obtain an SR-22 insurance policy.

Coverage required for an SR-22 Certificate

In order to meet ' liability insurance requirements, your SR-22 insurance must have limits of at least:

  •   $30,000 of bodily injury coverage per person injured in an accident
  •   $60,000 of bodily injury coverage per accident
  •   $25,000 of property damage coverage per accident

What is an SR-22 Insurance ?

SR-22 is not an actual insurance policy as commonly misconceived. SR-22 is a filing, or an add-on, that is added to a personal automobile liability insurance policy. Not all insurance carriers offer SR-22 filing. An SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility required for some drivers by their state or court order. This form serves as proof your auto insurance policy meets the minimum liability coverage required by state law.

DMV requires an SR-22 from a driver to reinstate his or her driving privileges following an uninsured car accident or conviction of another traffic-related offense, such as a DUI. An SR-22 insurance certificate is also required for three years for conviction of driving without insurance or driving with a suspended license and up to five years for a DUI.

Types Of Sr22 Insurance

As for the type of SR22 you need to obtain , there are three different options, all of which depend on your vehicle ownership status.


Owner SR22 Insurance

An owner policy is required for anyone who owns the car they drive and holds insurance for that vehicle. The SR22 is proof that you own your vehicle, and that it’s insured under your name. If lack of insurance was the reason you need a SR22, you’ll first have to get car insurance before filing for the form.


Non-Owner SR22 Insurance

If you don’t have a car, you may believe you shouldn’t need a SR22. This is not the case. Even if you don’t own a car, if you drive one you still must be insured. Fortunately, a non-owner SR22 is oftentimes less expensive than an owner certificate, as many states only require non-owners to carry liability insurance.


Owner/Operator SR22 Insurance

This certificate covers vehicles that are owned by the driver, and any others that they drive. This is important to have if you drive several cars, as you want to be sure that you’re covered in any potential situation. The one downfall is that it’s typically more expensive than the other options.

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How to file an SR-22 Certificate with the DMV

Find an authorized insurer or contact your current provider

Some insurers do not provide SR-22 coverage for drivers who need it, so confirm with your provider if it will file the form on your behalf.


Pay the appropriate SR-22 fee.

Your insurer may charge a flat fee between $15 and $50 to file the form on your behalf. To get your driver's license reinstated, you first need to pay a reinstatement fee, which is typically around $100, before submitting an SR-22 form to the DPS in Austin.


Have an insurer file proof of insurance or file directly to the DPS.

You can either mail the SR-22 insurance certificate to the DPS or deliver it in person. Otherwise, your insurer can file it electronically on your behalf for a fee. If you want to file the form yourself, you'll need to first ask your insurer for the certificate.


Receive confirmation.

Once the fees are paid and SR-22 documents sent in, you can check your driver eligibility status online via the DPS website. Your status will be updated to "eligible" from "ineligible" after your documents have been processed.

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